Three Variations of Home-made Ice Creams and Sorbets

Ann-Kristin Afflerbach offers us three refreshing recipes for home made ice cream that is both delicous and easy to make. These recipes are all inspired with personal memories from her childhood and taste all the sweeter for it.

When I think of my childhood summers, I think of playing in the garden with friends, staying up late and eating ice cream every day. To this day I love eating ice cream and some flavours make me feel a bit nostalgic. Recently there has been a heatwave in my hometown and I have been in the mood for ice cream. A lot of it. But as I have gotten older, I have gotten more mindful in respect of the food I eat. So here are my three favourite recipes for a healthier version of ice cream that you can easily make at home !


Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This one reminds me of my childhood, when I would get at least one scoop of chocolate ice cream whenever I had the chance. The peanut butter adds a little twist and you can easily make it vegan !


·         3 small bananas

·         150 mL coconut milk or yoghurt

·         3 tbsp cocoa powder

·         pinch of vanilla

·         2 tbsp peanut butter

·         maple syrup to taste

Blend all ingredients well, freeze and enjoy !


Raspberry-yoghurt ice cream

At some point in my childhood, I decided to start cooking and baking. During the summer months, I particularly liked this recipe for ice cream and it’s still one of my favourite recipes of all time.


·         300g frozen raspberries

·         2 tbsp lime juice

·         300 mL yoghurt

·         sweetener to taste (I really like honey in this one)

Again – just blend, freeze and enjoy !


Basil-lemon sorbet

There is a small ice cream parlor close to where I live now that makes the most amazing basil-lemon sorbet I have ever tasted. Since it is always super crowded, I decided to try my luck at making one on my own and this is what I came up with.


·         big bundle of basil

·         350 mL water

·         100 mL lemon juice (use less or more depending on your preferences)

·         some strips of lemon peel

·         sweetener to taste (I like brown sugar, but honey or maple syrup works nicely as well)

Bring the water to boil with the lemon peel, then let it cool down. Cut the basil as finely as you like, then mix all the ingredients with the lemon water. You can leave the lemon peel for a stronger lemon taste. Freeze and enjoy ! This sorbet is perfect for a summer cocktail party with friends.