The Modern Muse

We cannot wait to launch London Fashion Week with Holly Jade O'Leary; event details can be found HERE. Take a look at her latest collection, The Modern Muse, shot with photographer Duncan Telford.

Brand partners for the photoshoot are ethical fine jewellers Lily Flo Jewellery and vegan luxury footwear designer NAK Fashion.

In The Modern Muse, a luxury fashion editorial created especially for Label Magazine, photographer Duncan Telford captures a filmic combination between modern artistic expression and ambition, strength and fragility, reminiscent of Tamara Lepicka in bold and elegant surrealistic poses.

The wardrobe of The Modern Muse portrays the life of the modern professional creative woman and also underlines a consideration of the triple bottom line requisite of sustainable business goals: profit, people and environment.

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The DIY aesthetic is portrayed in a grown up sensibility which underlines so many millennial entrepreneurs, working on a level to fashion the world around them, and to fulfill personal and global objectives; individuality, self -actualisation and accountability driven by a passion to create more beauty in the world. The knowledge that the world’s resources are finite, and a level of empathy and education about topical issues surrounding social justice is metered by a ‘can do’ attitude and playful willingness to engage in finding positive solutions through independent discipline, where possible. 

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Brand partners for the photoshoot were Lily Flo Jewellery and NAK Fashion. Lily Flo founder Diana Sherling sources from eco and Fairtrade suppliers. The fine metals, gemstones, diamonds and pearls she purchases support expertise in families that for generations have been trading precious materials - families supporting families. Designs are crafted by hand in her design studio.

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NAK Fashion design vegan luxury footwear, artisan crafted in Italy, using local resources to minimise their environmental footprint.  NAK stands for ‘No Animal Killed’ making a public statement to encourage a cruelty free lifestyle. “We do not believe in killing animals to satisfy our desire to appear beautiful” their website states.

The Modern Muse collection features affordable, sustainable luxury ‘slow fashion’, manufactured by small artisan factories in the UK to ensure excellent working conditions. Holly Jade O’Leary’s simple thought behind the capsule collection was: "what do I want to wear?"

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These staple garments prioritises elegance,  contemporary style, functionality  and a transparent supply chain. The attire is designed to ‘mix and match’ and move easily from the gym, to pitching in meetings, to beach or city breaks, to dates, exhibitions, and fine dining. 

The fine wool in the 'Juno' and ‘Freya’ collections are sourced from a 3 generation family run mill in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

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GOTS certified organic cotton and lappet lace has been used, and alternatives to real silk have been sought. The 'Venus' backless evening dress features high quality, and very unusual 'cotton sateen' that glows with a starry lustre, and the elegant white bamboo silk dress features similar light reflective properties and lovely drape.

The digitally printed sportswear - the ‘Incandescence Rose’ fine art satin bomber jacket and leggings are the only products in this collection which are made using polyester, printed with eco-ink and manufactured in London. All other products are created using responsibly sourced fabrics and natural fibres.