Meet the woman behind Bustoire: luxury nightwear designed for curves

Our founder, Jo, sits down with the creative mastermind behind Bustoire, the luxury nightwear collection designed with curves in mind. Creativity is at the heart of this exciting new brand and we’re thrilled to bring you the story behind it’s growing success.

On a buzzing London afternoon I met Joyce, the owner and creative mind behind Bustoire, at Rakes Bar. The colourful bar expands across three rooms with pops of red and green walls reflected in the gilt mirrors that contort images of after work drinks and late business meetings. I’m not the only one flickering from room to room, drawn to the various lights before landing on a low sofa to the side of a bar. Joyce, a Londoner herself, rescues me with a glass of red wine balanced with a briefcase: the London look. She oozes confidence and charm as she sits opposite me, ready to tell the story of how she so quickly launched the latest elegant lingerie line. Her collection has a twist, however; not only is it luxurious and unquestionably feminine, it is also exclusively designed for larger cup sizes. Each piece has been crafted with curves in mind and her models look stunning in them.

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She had the idea when shopping with a friend for lingerie. Or rather, her friend was shopping, and she was simply helping. She accepted during this trip that there would be nothing in her size; it seemed inevitable that the high street would have nothing to offer her. On the way back to London she began to reflect on how truly bizarre this was… the average woman cannot buy elegant lingerie, erotic clothing or nightclothes. How truly ridiculous. As if, being plus a busty woman would somehow mean that you no longer wished to explore this aspect of your personality or would be less daring in how you present yourself.

Designers do not live in the real world.

Fortunately, for us, Joyce does! Rather than accepting this passively she decided to launch her very own luxury online boutique. Glamorous looks designed with real body shapes at the forefront of the creative process. Oh, and did I mention? She was accomplishing all this whilst working as an investment banker in the heart of London. Surely, this is taking girl boss to the next level? Joyce presents as someone who effortlessly succeeds, with her stunning green fitted dress, huge black curls and shameless confidence, she seems a woman with it all. Underneath however, you can see the grit and determination it takes to found something so unprecedented in such a short space of time.

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She is completely invested in the development of the brand, drawing inspiration from anything and everything to perfect her designs. Part of their luxurious appeal is that they hand crafted in sustainable conditions right in London where she lives. Joyce has chosen the highway rather than the easy path and works closely with the production team in London to ensure good working conditions and the perfect finished product.

Personally, I cannot wait to see the expansion of the Bustoire brand and it is something that has been sorely lacking as an option for larger women so far. Joyce designs with so much thought, not only accounting for larger shapes but slender women with larger curves that cannot always find the cut they need. Her capsule collection is absolutely stunning and I’m sure it will not be long before Joyce treats us to more. Take at a look at her collection here: