In-Season Fruit and Veg

Don’t let the rain, snow, wind, and chilly air get you down. Cozy up with some cold weather fruits and vegetables! Ann-Kristin Afflerbach let’s us know what produce is in season and gives us recipe some ideas.

I like to cook with fruit and vegetables that are in season for various reasons. It is more environmentally friendly, and the produce is fresher and usually cheaper. With October approaching, Autumn is upon us and winter is coming. Here are some of my favourite fruits and vegetables that are in season now or will be very soon, including some recipe ideas.


There are more than 30,000 kinds of apples worldwide, but usually only less than a dozen are available at the grocery store. With the start of the colder seasons, apples come in handy as a source of vitamin A, B, and C. Apples are also attributed a variety of health benefits, for example helping with digestive issues and strengthening the metabolism. 

Recipe ideas: baked stuffed apples, apple pie, kale and apple soup, and of course plain as a snack!


Beetroot is widely used as a food colouring, but it also has great health benefits. Beetroot can help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. They also contain a lot of vitamin A and C, as well as calcium and iron. 

Recipe ideas: beetroot soup, roasted beetroot and carrots, beetroot curry.



Broccoli has an immune-strengthening effect in addition to its great contents of vitamin A and E. It might even help with the prevention of cancer ! 

Recipe ideas: pasta bake with broccoli, beef teriyaki with broccoli, roasted vegetables. 


Carrots come in purple, yellow, black, and the usual orange varieties. They are a great source of vitamin K and B6 and they can help prevent vision loss.

Recipe ideas: roasted carrots, carrot purée, carrot fries, carrot cake. 


Kale recently got more popular, but the hype is well deserved! It is a great source of vitamin A, B6, C, K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and much more. Antioxidants are also very abundant in kale.

Recipe ideas: kale and lentil salad, green smoothie, gnocchi with kale, kale stew with sausages.


Pomegranate seeds can be rather hard to get out of the fruit, but the anti-inflammatory effects make it worth the struggle. It can also help reduce the risk of various diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, and bacterial infections. 

Recipe ideas: chicken with couscous and pomegranate, halloumi salad with pomegranate, pomegranate cheesecake, plain as a snack. 


Spinach is a great source of iron, magnesium, and calcium. It also has various health benefits as it contains multiple vitamins.

Recipe ideas: spinach as a salad base, spinach omelette, saag paneer, spinach pizza, green smoothie.