Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

As 2019 begins, the New Year’s resolutions commence. While it is good to focus on personal development to improve our wellbeing, there is no need to berate ourselves if we can’t commit to completing the resolution for 365 straight days. Katherine Barbara Montana provides some tips and advice to help us along the way, as we work on improving our health and wellbeing with long-term goals.

The champagne has been drunk and the party hats have been worn, and suddenly the holiday season has come to a close. Over the next few days, people will be packing up their holiday decorations and getting into the January Blues. However, a lot of people will be ringing in 2019 by also promising a resolution for the new year.

Unfortunately, a lot of these resolutions don’t last beyond a few weeks (including some of my own!). It’s difficult to promise yourself to completely flip-flop your life after the stroke of midnight and suddenly have to dramatically alter your daily routine.

That is why over the years I have decided to give myself several small goals that I can work on throughout the year, rather than one promise that could possibly guilt me throughout an entire 365 days. These goals have included things such as trying to reach out to more people who need help, volunteering more, helping more around the house, etc.

I have found that creating a list of small goals which focus on parts of my life that contribute to a better mental wellbeing, have helped me achieve my goals throughout each new year. Rather than simply forcing myself to stick to one resolution. For example, one of my goals has been to find time once a week to be able to relax and read a book. This has greatly helped me relieve stress in my daily life, and is fairly easy to stick to.

Personally, I think that listing areas in your life to improve upon and then working on them throughout the year, are a more effective way to begin the new year with a clean slate (rather than promising yourself to stick to a single resolution). Yet, I have met many people who are extremely successful in sticking to their major resolution all year long. Ultimately, strategies in keeping New Years’ goals manifest differently in every person, and so my advice would be to evaluate how well you keep promises to yourself and what you would like to improve upon in the new year, and then go from there.

Finally, keep in mind that a resolution is not a binding contract. Just remember the fact that because you want to make changes in the New Year, it shows that you are evolving and growing as a person, which is what each fresh, new year is all about.

Have a happy New Year!

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