A Brown-Skinned Beauty Guru Goes Viral

When Deepica Mutyala went viral, she became a Youtuber for the many women of colour underrepresented in the beauty industry. Emily Cristobal discusses her impact and how her videos are revolutionary.

Deepica Mutyala went viral after posting her second video to YouTube in 2015, titled, “How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles.” The video garnered 10.7 million views. When it went viral, she was contacted by the Today Show to come in and do an on-air segment. That same day she quit her job at Birchbox and went to focus on her YouTube career. From that point on, she’s gained over 200,000 subscribers and consistently posts videos about beauty, as well as her life to connect with her audience.

In her viral video, Mutyala first starts by explaining her struggles with trying to hide dark circles under her eyes. She says that this is a problem that many of her Indian friends and other ethnic friends face. Mutyala then shows an expensive colour correcting palette that has different shades that someone can use depending on their skin tone. However, she then offers an easier and cheaper alternative that women with a skin tone like hers can use: bright orange/red lipstick. She uses a brush to dab the lipstick under her eyes to even out the dark circles and neutralise her face. After this, she simply puts on concealer and continues on with her normal makeup routine.

Watching the video, you can tell that filming-wise it is not that advanced, and she acknowledges that she makes the rookie mistake of filming vertically. But besides these minor details, the information that Mutyala provides viewers is incredibly helpful and easy to follow.

The use of red lipstick was revolutionary because Mutyala showed viewers that you don’t need to go out and buy additional products to hide dark under-eye circles or other dark spots on your face. You can just use products that you already have in your home. Although this routine is not for all skin tones, she was able to find her niche on YouTube through being a beauty guru for people with brown skin.

Mutyala also launched her own website in 2018 called Tinted, an online platform where people with skin tones that “fall into ‘all the shades in between’” can find a community and tell stories. The website has a tab called “Find Your Hue” which helps people find makeup that compliments their skin the best and “Hue to Know” which features real people talking about the makeup that works for them. What is nice about this website is that it’s not only informational, but also incredibly personal. Website visitors can relate to people that look like them and discover a community where they don’t feel alone.

Because there aren’t many beauty gurus that are people of color on YouTube, Mutyala provides a refreshing presence through her videos. She doesn’t only provide beauty tips for people with darker complexions but also shares her cultural heritage and experiences as a person of colour. Overall, Mutyala’s influence on YouTube is helping to spread an important conversation about makeup use for people of colour and inspiring them to explore new ways to use makeup.