Five Top Tips on Dating Someone Bisexual

The three don’ts and two do’s of dating someone who is bisexual.

Listen to their experience

If your partner tells you that they are bi, then listen to what they have to say. They may want to talk about it and they may not – either is fine but let them take the lead. If it’s a positive relationship, then there should be enough openness and trust between you that you can talk about it without awkwardness. It’s fine to ask questions, but don’t push them to share more than you want. Regardless of your own sexuality, sharing stories and listening is a great way to build trust and get to know one another.

Don’t act like they’re going to cheat

Bisexual people aren’t just super horny and into everyone they see. They find some people attractive, and not others. The only difference is that they may fall in love with people, regardless of their gender identity. If you’re straight then don’t make a whole issue of it and freak out. If you’re gay then don’t make out like they’re not ‘fully’ gay and less loyal – that’s bs. Being bisexual is a valid sexual identity and does not determine the loyalty or love of a partner.

Don’t instantly suggest a threesome

Again, being bi does not mean that you’re 50:50, super horny, or want to sleep with multiple genders at the same time. They may well be open to a threesome and that’s great, but don’t make assumptions. It’s deeply offensive to suggest that they’ll instantly be open to that, just because you may both be attracted to the same gender. If that’s something you’re interested in, then float the idea in the same way you would with any other sexual partner.

Make the most of it

Make the most of your partners sexuality, within the boundaries of consent that you’ve communicated. Being with a partner that finds the same gender attractive as you, *may* open up space for enjoyment in ways that wouldn’t necessarily be possible with other partners. Enjoy the differences between you, the stories, the past, the jokes. Being bisexual is just another part of your partners identity to share and explore.

Don’t treat them differently from any other partner

As much as being bisexual is a part of their character, they’re not an alien species. Essentially, there is nothing different about dating someone who is bisexual, so don’t make a whole big thing of it. Have a chat about it, in the same way you would anything else, and then move on. Happy dating!