How To Set Up Your Own Spa Using Sustainably Sourced Goodies

Self care isn’t selfish! If you haven’t heard that phrase before, then learn to repeat it to yourself every time you feel that you’re being too indulgent. If you’ve heard it a thousand times, then take a beat to think about what it really means. Here are some simple ways to set up your own sustainable spa at home, and to take care of yourself.

Warm Water

Warm water may sound too basic to be counted, but it’s one of the best things out there to soak away stress (better than all the lotions & potions in my opinion.) Scrub your washing bowl clean, fill it with warm water (from the tap and/ or kettle), pour in a little bubble bath, or bath salts and you’ve got yourself a mini foot spa. Let your feet soak while you relax in front of some television, or curl up with a good book.

Bubble Bath 

Get yourself some eco friendly bubble bath (some great choices in Natural Collection!) and go crazy with it! There’s nothing like bubbles to brighten up your day. So, whether you’re using it for a bubble bath, or foot/ hand soak then treat yourself to some quality care products.

Foot cream

There are loads of eco- friendly foot creams out there, so get exploring. A personal favourite is Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream. It smells absolutely divine, is great for your skin, and contains no harmful ingredients (either for you, or the planet!)


A favourite company for shaving products is Preserves, who stock a lovely range that will also give your skin that little extra softness, nourishing and pampering. Shaving doesn’t need to be a chore any more, these products will help transform it into part of your personal spa.


Mosituriser is a key part of many of our day to day routines but incoporating it into a homemade spa ensures you have the time to really use it properly and enjoy it. Parts of our body never get moisturised at all, and few of us leave time for it to soak in properly before carrying on with our hectic lives. You’re spoiled for choice, when it comes to shopping sustainably here so check out our Masterlist for inspiration.

Organic Oils

There are SO many gorgeous organic oils our there, that are both good for your skin and incredibly relaxing. One of my favourite companies is Naturismo, who stock a huge range of different organic oils.

Enjoy your spa day!