Fun in the Sun with SPF

It’s that time of year again!

Summer is here! And with it, longer days and a lot more sun, so it is time to fill your shopping carts with sunscreen and SPF products. Your sunscreen is going to be one of the products closest to your skin, and responsible for keeping your skin healthy and from burning. So it might be a good idea to take a look at just what is going into the bottle. Just like most other products, SPF products can be ethically made with healthier ingredients. Below are some brands and products that are worth checking out this summer!


Suntegrity’s creator aims to help reduce skin cancer, in honour of her mother who died of it, without subjecting our skin to toxic chemicals. Their mineral sun care line doesn’t use chemical UV blockers or other toxic ingredients. All products are SPF 30, and they have stuff for face, body, and lips.


Lanolips products are fantastic lotions and balms, including a tinted lip balm with SPF 30. All their products are made using lanolin, which comes from sheep wool. No worries though, it is completely cruelty free, since it is a by-product of shearing.


Ilia is an organic cosmetic line that strives to be ethical and sustainable, which I would say they succeed in, seeing as their products come in recyclable containers. Specifically, they are well-known for their lip products. They have long had tinted lip conditioners with SPF 15, but this summer they have expanded this collection with two more colours.

Remember, most organic skincare lines probably also offer SPF products, so you can browse our master list if you want to explore other brands. You can also check out sites such as Content Beauty and Wellbeing or Naturisimo for more sun care products.