Surprise: The Products You Don’t Think Of

Think “Ethical,” “Organic,” or “Eco-friendly.” What comes to mind? For me, I immediately think, clothing! Makeup! Skincare! Read onwards to discover the products that I never would have thought to learn how they are made, or how they effect the planet, and us.

I am well aware of healthier and more environmentally friendly makeup products, but it didn’t really occur to me that nail polish would also fall into that category. RMS Beauty and Kure Bazaar offer natural non-toxic alternatives. 

With nail polish and makeup comes remover as well. Usually, I just grab whatever is on offer at the store, but Exo Supply Pure Remover is just one alternative for nail polish. Naturisimo and other green online stores have a ton more options.

We all go out in the sun, and unless you want to get seriously burnt, sunscreen is advisable. Suntegrity offers SPF face, body, and lip products for those who hope to avoid harsher chemical UK blockers.

In case you missed the mark and are already burned, Sukin sells aloe vera gel.

Again, something I didn’t think about, but seems rather obvious now. I haven’t tried any deodorants with safer ingredients, and as someone prone to sweating and exercise, I am a little wary. But they are out there, and I do plan on giving them a try eventually.

Yep, cotton. Turns out cotton can be organic (this makes sense, pesticides and the like can be used on it), and cruelty-free. In my hours of procrastination and online shopping, I discovered organic and cruelty free tampons, liners and pads. Turns out a lot of cotton hygiene products can have bleach or dyes and other interesting stuff that I am not sure I want inside me. And these products can be tested on animals. That is to say, there are animals in labs with tampons shoved into them.

Check out TOTM (one option for organic, cruelty-free, biodegradable hygiene products) to learn more.
S.W. Basics also offers a reusable alternative to cotton pads and balls.