Sustainable Shaving 101

Here’s everything you need to know about sustainable shaving, from the razors itself to the creams. If you want to shave, then it’s time to think sustainable and treat yourself to these gorgeous products that help reduce waste.

Sustainable Shaving: The Razor

While I love using my epilator, I found it wasn’t practical for shaving my underarms, so I went on the hunt for an eco friendly razor. There are plenty of single blade, brass, reusable safety razors, but those kind of scared me. For my first foray into sustainable shaving, I wanted something a bit closer to home, and thus I found Preserve. The company doesn’t only make razors, in fact they make sustainable plastic cutlery as well, but their razors are pretty cool. And yes, “sustainable plastic” sounds odd, as if I made a mistake, but it’s true. The BPA free razor is made from 100% recycled #5 plastic, and is completely recyclable. The container it comes in is also recyclable, though the company recommends you hold onto it to use as a travel case.

From their website, I learned that #5 plastic isn’t easily recycled or necessarily accepted by some places for recycling. So Preserve does it’s best to collect #5 plastic to reuse, including by asking consumers to send them their Preserve products when they are ready to recycle it. If you would rather not mail your old products, you can also see if their is a nearby drop off point. The razors are also really good. I’ve never cut myself, and they work great. I would never call it inferior just because it’s made from recycled materials, in fact I think it might actually work better than some drugstore razors I have used in the past. Plus, seeing as the razor head itself is detachable, I can easily remove and replace them, keeping the same razor handle for as long as I’d like. This product is a definite keeper for me.

Sustainable Shaving: The Shaving Cream

I have actually always struggled with shaving foam. I used to buy whatever was handy at the drugstore, but the only satisfaction I got from the stuff was squirting out the foam itself and playing with it. The actual product didn’t seem to help me shave in any way, at least no more than shampoo, conditioner or any other soap for that matter. Plus, like many other mainstream beauty products, shaving foam isn’t really thought of through an ethical or sustainable lens. Most products are tested on animals and aren’t exactly eco friendly.

Turns out, there is a really great shaving foam alternative: coconut oil. It may sound odd, but the stuff actually works really really well! The application is a bit different, especially considering it starts out solid then melts upon skin contact, but it works even better than almost any other shaving foam product I have used. I use Sister & Co. coconut oil, and I don’t think I will ever go back. Best part, my skin feels great afterwards and I never seem to nick myself anymore (not that it isn’t impossible).  Bonus: The oil comes in a glass jar I can easily recycle or reuse, and it is easy to find coconut oil from companies with sustainable and ethical practices such as Sister & Co.