Buying From Charity Shops v Sustainable Companies: Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of buying from charity shops versus sustainable companies? Here’s a nifty little list that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each:



  • Super cheap

  • Recycling clothes is a crucial part of slowing down the fast fashion consumer cycle

  • You’re giving money to charity


  • It’s unlikely that you’ll be ‘in season’ buying from a charity shop

  • May sometimes not find clothes you like unless you have time to browse a while

  • Not directly investing money into companies protecting the environment




  • Helping the environment & looking fab all in one

  • Supporting companies promoting a sustainable lifestyle (often investing in small businesses, therefore, also)

  • Walking advert for a new way of living & shopping


  • More expensive than charity shops most of the time

  • Normally requires shipping; something which isn’t good for the environment

  • A lot is based in the States which can be limiting (but don’t worry, more and more sustainable shops are springing up all over the place!)


The best news: you don’t have to choose! Shopping in either or both of these ways in infinitely better than consuming fast fashion and they can be done together. For some occasions you may hit up the charity shops; and sometimes you might want to order a special something online. There are loads of choices when it comes to shopping sustainably so have a look around and don’t miss out.