Fast Fashion Avoidance Tips

With a culture of fast fashion and cheap shopping, its easy to get caught up in sales and buying everything you want but don’t necessarily need. Here are a few of our tips for shopping and caring for your wardrobe responsibly:

1) Don’t feel the need the give in to instant gratification. Take the time to think on what you want to buy. Maybe come back to it another day after you have had time to think about the object of your desire and if you actually want and/or need it.

2) Think up multiple uses for what you want. Don’t buy something you will only use once and then never unearth from your closet again. For example, when I get a new pair of shoes, I try to think about all the ways I can use and style them. I don’t want shoes that will only work with one outfit or for one occasion.

3) Buy quality not quantity. Good quality clothing is going to last you a lot longer and still look great.

4) Set up shopping bans for yourself. If you are like me and get easily distracted shopping (especially online), set up times when you aren’t going to buy anything new that isn’t a necessity. Maybe this ban is for a few weeks or more than a month. And at the end, reward yourself in a meaningful way so as to start a new habit. Combine this with the first point, and you’ll find yourself filling your wardrobe less quickly, but also with pieces you will love for longer.

5) Go through your closet regularly. There may be things you want to throw out. Alternatively, they may also be items you have forgotten about, but that you would love to start wearing again.