Slip Ups in Sustainable Fashion

Shopping sustainably is a fantastic thing to do; both for yourself and for the planet. Having said that, everyone is going to slip up now and again, and that’s ok. Don’t berate yourself if you slip up and don’t make the sustainable choice - but don’t give up either!

Whether you’ve been shopping sustainably for a while, or are just beginning to build your eco- conscious wardrobe- then slips are inevitable from time to time. We’re all only human after all, and sometimes the extra effort doesn’t seem worth it. Building any new habit, or attempting to give up anything in life, comes with its challenges and it’s only through repetition that things get easier.

Don’t berate yourself if you slip up slightly and get sucked into a sale on the high street, or buy make up that doesn’t contain the best of ingredients- just try not to do so repeatedly.

I recently bought some jeans that were cheaply made, and I dread to think what the workers conditions were like. It wasn’t even the cost of the jeans that put me off buying sustainably, I just knew they wouldn’t fit right if I ordered them online (as you have to with eco- fashion brands) so I couldn’t be bothered.

Not a great attitude I know, but as I say: we’re all only human. I still feel kinda guilty but ultimately these jeans were cheap, do the job and are unbelievably comfortable.

I’ll try not to buy fast fashion in the future but be a little forgiving to yourself if your wardrobe isn’t perfect straight away- it takes time to cultivate. Fashion is meant to be fun, so don’t let shopping sustainably become a chore.

It’s meant to be fun, creative and inspire you to find a new sense of style whilst looking and doing good. It’s something worth striving for but if you slip up now and again: don’t feel guilty, just go eco next time.