Three Tips For De-Cluttering Your Wardrobe

Here are our top tips for de- cluttering your wardrobe, and making sure that no item of clothing goes to waste. Of course, we shouldn’t be buying to throw away in the first place, but if there are pieces you just don’t wear any more then they can still go to good use. If you want to have a clear out but are unsure of where to start, then here are three ways you can narrow down what to throw away.

Items you’ve outgrown

Start with the obvious! This is the quickest way to work out what you can get rid of in your wardrobe. If it doesn’t fit any more then make sure you give it to someone who will value it. You could pass on things you’ve outgrown to younger family members, save it for children, give it to a charity shop, offer it to a refugee charity… the possibilities are endless. That shirt you always forget about it could do a lot of good for someone else.


Many of us have items of clothing, jewellery, or make up that were bought for us as presents, and we have kept out of politeness. If you have never liked them and have always known that you won’t wear/ use it, then sneak it out and make sure it gets to someone who will truly value it. Don’t let something go to waste because you’re hurt scared to hurt someone’s feelings- they’ll probably never know and it’s much better that the product goes to some use.

Hand me downs 

If your family (or friends!) are anything like mine you will endlessly recycle and pass things on to one another. This is a fabulous thing and something I am very proud of, but occasionally it can backfire. There are certain pieces that I have dutifully worn because they were passed on to me, but I’ve never particularly liked them. Perhaps it’s time to let them go? Now I’m at uni, starting to earn my money, and developing some semblance of personal style, a few of these extra pieces can be passed on to be of use to others.