Three Tips on Recycling Food

Here are our three top tips for avoiding food waste and getting creative in the kitchen. We throw away a terrifying amount of food all the time, and so much of it could be avoided. Do your bit for the planet (and save yourself some money!) with these three simple ideas.

Food recycling bin

I’m going to dive right in with the obvious: use your food recycling bin. (It’s the small green one!) If you have one, then please make sure you’re using it, for tea bags, fruit peel, leftovers… everything! If you think you don’t have one then double check, a lot of people seem to forget about it, or it gets lost somewhere. If you really don’t have one, then double check if you’re entitled to one, a quick google search will answer the question. If food recycling bins aren’t provided and collected in your area, then start a petition/ talk to your MP/ involve others to make sure it happens.

Compost/ garden 

A lot of food will decompose amazingly quickly so throw leftovers on your compost heap, or start one up. It’s great for your garden, and the quality of the soil. Waste not, want not!

Re-use what you can

The classic example that always springs to my mind is using bread that’s going dry for bread pudding, but there are lots of inventive ways to re- use food. Try to prevent food wastage occurring in the first place, so that nothing needs to be thrown in the first place. Leftovers can be easily saved, and there’s nothing quite like an ‘odds and ends’ meal to finish things up. Whatever you do, don’t let food go to waste, or just throw it in the bin!