Silver & Gold: Where To Buy The Best Ethical Jewellery

Sustainability is bigger than it’s ever been, so knowing where to start can feel somewhat overwhelming. Here are a few ideas on narrowing the choice, and a top recommendation on where to buy sustainable jewellery.

There are so many places to buy environmentally friendly jewellery and/ or products that support local communities that the choice can often feel overwhelming. Don’t worry! We’ve been busy trying to narrow down some of our favourite choices for you; and if you’re looking to invest in some new jewellery then make sure you head on over to this Masterlist we found, to check out the top companies we’d recommend.

The bracelet I’m wearing while writing this came from People Tree; a company with whom you can never go wrong. The simple chain with silver and gold circles is simple, classy and can easily be worn every day. In fact, it has been worn every day since I bought it. It’s so much better to have one piece you love, than ten you never wear.

If you’re an instagram addict like me, then I’d seriously encourage having a peruse through your feed as well. A lot of small companies, start ups, and people really investing in the environment, don’t have big stores or outreach, so they use their instagram profiles to connect with ethical consumers.

Hopefully, this will make it easier to resist next time you’re out shopping and it feels all too easy to buy cheap bling. So much of what can be bought on the high street contains harmful plastics and harmful working conditions for those making the items. When this can be so easily avoided, it’s well worth checking out the alternatives and buying sustainably whenever possible.