Five Benefits of Cooking with a Partner

Cooking brings so much joy into people’s lives. Whilst, at times it can feel like a chore, there’s also no denying it’s therapeutic benefits and the way it brings people together. Many happy memories centre around food and the role it plays in cultures around the world. It’s perhaps no surprise then that cooking can also have some healing benefits within a partnership.

1.      It gives you the time to talk

When you cook together, it gives you the time and space to talk in a safe environment. Whilst chopping and dicing and frying, your mind is freed and you can seize the opportunity to catch up. Whether it’s something as simple as talking through your day, as needed as addressing unresolved issues, or as wonderful as telling them what they mean to you – cooking can bring you closer in more ways that one.


2.      It’s way easier on the wallet

Going on dates where you eat out or order in a lot, adds up surprising quickly. Cooking together is much cheaper, which eases another burden and lifts the spirits.


3.      It’s incredibly therapeutic

Nothing is quite as relaxing as cooking a meal, especially alongside someone you love. When you have a busy lifestyle, a little monotony can actually be very healthy. Cooking is made up of lots of small, repeated actions: chopping, stirring, pitting etc. Sharing in those mundane tasks together creates harmony and prepares you to take on bigger challenges together.


4.      Compromise is created

From choosing what you cook together, to how you move around the kitchen without bumping into one another, cooking involves all kind of compromise. Compromising on something small scale (and often!) means you grow used to accommodating another person in your life. If you want a healthy, happy relationship – compromise will be essential going forwards.


5.      It brings you closer as a couple

The act of creating, eating and sharing food bonds you in a new and healthy way. To create something that gives you sustenance and energy should be a positive ritual in all of our days – to share that with someone else adds an extra special dimension.