Binning the Bra

For the last month or so I have decided to go bra-less. The decision was not initially intentional, I just didn’t bother putting a bra on when wearing a loose jumper one day and discovered whilst rushing around London that I really like the feeling. I set myself the ‘challenge’ to not bother with a bra for a month to see which I preferred. For now, I much prefer not wearing a bra and so have decided I will continue to not bother with it for a while.

In some ways this is a small decision but, depending on the outfit, it can really affect how I feel about it. It feels so unnecessary to wear a bra when I’m wearing loose clothes and I enjoy the feeling of them hanging freely. I feel incredibly sexy when wearing backless tops or loose sheaths around my body. I am increasingly comfortable with my nipples showing when I wear close fitted tops.

I suspect sometimes other people may be uncomfortable with it but I think I have a right to dress how I want and I don’t understand the strange relationship we have breasts. Page 3 is totally fine but breast feeding is an embarrassment… I’m sorry what?

For me this feels like a ‘feminist decision’ because I am not confining or binding myself and am enjoying my own body. However, there is absolutely nothing ‘un- feminist’ about choosing to wear a bra. I do think it’s worth thinking about though and making your own decision.

I have very small boobs so there is no reason that I need a bra. In retrospect I only ever wore one because it was convention and I was reshaping my boobs/ hiding my nipples. However, I like my small perky boobs and am perfectly happy to leave them as they are.

My understanding is that evidence surrounding whether or not wearing a bra is ‘good’ for you in inconclusive. However, one study I found (which I am not citing because I am done with essays and sometimes love subjectivity) suggests that binning the bra can be a good thing for some women. This only seems to work in any definite way in young women, below their mid 20’s with small breasts, size C and under.

If you stop wearing a bra young enough then your breasts may become stronger and more perky; whether or not you consider this a good or an important thing is a different question entirely. Many women who are older with larger breasts may choose to bin the bra for entirely different reasons.

I enjoy my sexuality and am done with my high-school years of being told my boobs are ‘too’ small… by whose f***ing standards I’d like to know!? I enjoy the feeling of being bra-less, my breasts feel stronger, they don’t hurt when I run, I have to admit I enjoy the controversy of my nipples being visible and I feel sexy on my own terms, for myself. #freethenipple