Eco-Fashion Friendly Designers

I love dressing up but, like so many people I know, I often feel guilty about my fashion choices. I am a feminist but so much clothing is designed for the male gaze. I am a socialist and buying throwaway clothing to fit fashion trends contributes to our capitalist culture. I care about the environment but the fashion industry does not. The problems go on and on but fortunately there are solutions.

This is a collection of some of my favourite environmentally friendly fashion companies. As always, there is another snag: they are expensive. Not ludicrously so, and if you have the cash I would 100% recommend, but admittedly it is a problem that this is an easier option for the wealthier of us. They are all very good quality though and, as my mum frequently reminds me, it is better to have one good quality piece then ten cheap ones.

With this in mind it’s worth considering investing in some of these pieces and rejecting the throwaway culture that dominates our highstreets. Fashion is often elitist and today it is not just about buying expensive pieces but about being able to keep up with the constantly changing styles. This means buying cheaply and buying often.

Having made this argument, it is important to remember that Primark may be the only realistic option for many people. If you can afford to shop elsewhere then please do and stop contributing to terrible workers conditions, both at home and abroad. If you are judging people for buying from Primark, then maybe check your privileges and remind yourself that most of the world isn’t as designer dominated as St Andrews.

If you can’t afford the clothing companies I’m about to recommend then have you considered charity shops? If you’re turning up your nose, get over yourself. The charity shops in St Andrews are amazing and if you’re travelling through wealthy areas then always check them out because it’s absolutely crazy what people will throw out.

Here are my top ten recommendations for eco-friendly fashion sites:

  1. People Tree
  2. Komodo
  3. Frank and Faith
  4. Gather & See
  5. Luva Huva
  6. Della
  7. Matt & Nat
  8. Reformation
  9. Beyond Skin
  10. Bibico

Hope you enjoy them and happy shopping! Clothing is an expression of your identity so make a positive and powerful statement with it.