Month in Pictures

Here is our month in pictures to keep you up to date with everything that's happening here at Label. It's been a busy month with our first arts event in St Andrews, our Creative Launch at The Rule, the casting of our models, rehearsals for our theatre piece in November and so much more. Our calendar is set to continue at full pace ahead for the rest of the year, so keep an eye out for all our latest plans:

Here are five of our favourite pictures from this month. If you take pictures at any of our events and would like to be included then please drop us an email at We'd love to include your shots in our line up!

Here's a shot of some of the fabulous artwork we had on display at our first arts event here in St Andrews. We're very excited to be continuing with our arts & theatre season this semester, so keep an eye out for everything coming up in our calendar! 

A team shot of some of the fabulous people that work on Label's projects! 

(Left to right) 

Dariah (a past model,) Jo (Founder), Gabi (Stage Manager), Olivia, (Creative Director) and Kim (Head of Logistics). 

We're incredibly excited to be featuring Casa Lefay's most recent collection, being sent to us straight from Vancouver Fashion Week after being featured in Vogue. We're all about sustainable fashion, so these innovative designs are right up our street. 

A behind the scenes shot of some of our amazing events team at the Creative Launch. It was an amazing night, so keep an eye for all the events in Label's calendar here: