Year in Pictures

One year ago today Label had yet to run our first show; now we have run three! In the last year Label has hosted its first fashion show, arts exhibition, original theatre piece and started a magazine which has printed for the first time. All this has been alongside the myriad of other events we host, as well as the photo shoots, parties and body positive workshops. Here are ten pictures that sum up the last year, along with some well earned credit to a few of the people that made it possible. Here's to 2017!

Here's the model invitations, business cards and cupcakes that launched Label into being. It already seems like so long ago with everything that's happened since, but here's to another fabulous year. So much thanks must go to the first team that worked on Label, and our first cast of 20 models, who made the idea into a reality.  

Here's our first Meet the Models event in March 2016- it was an amazing night, shout out to everyone who made it so special and supported us from the beginning. Thank you to The Saint for covering the event, and credit must go to the amazing Lorelei Pfeffer who started us off with some incredible photography. 

Our first fashion show was a sell out and a truly incredible night- thank you so much to everyone who came along, and even more so to those that took part. Gabi Bouvier, featured in this photograph was a model last year, and is the Stage Manager this year. So many of our models from last year have stayed part of the team, and we love having them as a part of the growing Label family. 

A cheeky shot of our after party in April 2016! It's hard to believe it was only eight months ago that Label launched it's first show. Featured here is Vienna Kim who has worked on Label from the very beginning, and is now our Creative Consultant. She, and Olivia Ives who is Director of the Creative team, have been invaluable in creating the Label that you now know. 

Our first arts festival in August was a rip- roaring success and we can't wait to bring you many more like them. The lead singer here is from the band, The Kaptivators, who performed alongside Cassia in a night to remember. The photographer, Mozzey, also contributed work to our gallery, as did David Upton who helped make it a spectacular night. So many people worked on this event, and we are grateful to all of them, but a special shout out must go to Allie Crewe who has supported Label so many ways- get excited to see more collaborations in the future!

Another night in The Adamson to launch Label into a new academic year- we've never seen the bar so packed out!. Credit must go to Emma Hawkes and Anete Krūze, who have worked as heads of Label's event team since the project was founded. They have created a series of stunning events and parties, which have made the project so much fun to be a part of. None of this would have been possible though without the support of Jennifer Ta, our Financial Director, who has supported and helped Label to grow over the last year.

Meet the Models November 2016. After over filling The Adamson in the event featured above, we realised it was time for a bigger venue and decided to fill out The Rule instead. Thank you to our amazing cast of models who performed like true super stars. It wouldn't have been possible without Kim Kay, Head of Logistics and choreographer, who put on a truly spectacular show that put a smile on everyone's faces. 

We recently launched our first print magazine and are thrilled with the result. Thanks to the entire editorial team but most especially our graphic designer, Bradley McLaughlin, who gave us the professional quality we could not have dreamed of otherwise, we can't sing his praises highly enough. Thank you also to Ula Rustamova who took the most incredible photography for our first issue, including the covers- we look forward to revealing more of her work.

In December 2016 we launched our first original theatre piece Label : My Body. Styled on Vagina Monologues, this piece was designed to offer people a platform to share their story. Thank you to Amy Seaman, who organises tech for Label and who we would be totally lost without, and Caroline McWilliams in particular for making the show such a success. Shout out to Abi Reid who took this gorgeous photography series, as well as the 'meet the team' shots at the beginning of the year. You may have caught our video release for this, which, along with the others we have released this year, are the work of the endlessly talented Jody Brimacombe.

Label isn't just about these big events though, it's also the day to day ground work that we do. Part of that is reaching out to the local community, working with society's in St Andrews and running body positive workshops. Our head of outreach, Genevieve Cox, has been incredible at connecting us and ensuring we do the good we strive to be about. Get excited for future collaborations, partnerships and outreach programmes - if you would like to work with, or alongside, Label then drop us an email at

It's been a crazy year for us here at Label but our aims never change. We are here first and foremost to run body positive shows and create a platform for people to show their beauty and share their story. Whatever the platform may be, this aim never changes. Whether we are exploring what beauty means through fashion, art, photography, theatre, or magazines, we are always trying to raise new questions and push boundaries. Label will continue to evolve over the coming year but we will always remain body positive and create a space for people's stories to be heard.