Get the inside scoop on our fabulous four

We have four amazing fashion exhibitions lined up for you this semester! Through the four elements we will be exploring the passion of young designers, gender identities, class and the environment. It's going to be a busy few months, so make sure you mark these dates in your diaries and have the inside scoop on everything that Label has planned. 


Our newly developed fashion season this year will be composed of four exhibitions, themed around the elements. We launched Label last year with one big show in April, and it is this annual event which will remain the largest in our calendar. This year we are expanding! 

The first event in our calendar is a Flash Fashion event, inspired by the passion of our models and the young designers that we are working with. Our aim with all these shows is to explore the fashion industry further, and to contribute to the boundaries that are being pushed and the questions that are being raised. This first flash exhibition will take place on the streets of St Andrews on 1st February - without a runway. Indeed, all our events this semester will be put on without the traditional runway.

Our aim is to further deconstruct what it means to be a model, who has access to these events and to examine who we are used to looking up to and admiring. Putting on an exhibition on the streets of St Andrews could not be more inclusive- all are welcome, and we hope this first event will raise the questions that the fashion industry has been asking itself in recent years. 

This first event is aptly named, RUNAWAY

Our second exhibition is Ebb & Flow

This will be themed around water, and we will be using this medium to explore gender identities and the fluidity between them. We will be announcing all the details after our first event, but mark the 21st February in your calendars- it will be a night to remember. 

Our third exhibition is BLOWN AWAY

Themed around air, we will be exploring class divides and those markers that so often cannot be seen but affect our society all the same. Hosted on the 29th March, this event will involve not one, but two venues. The first will include a rather unusual meal, and for our after party you will be able to come and find us in the GREYZONE. 

The grand finale:  GROUNDED

Taking our inspiration from nature, we will be using this exhibition to focus on environmental fashion, and the movement away from fast fashion towards designs that are meant to be enjoyed time and time again. Our location allows views of the most stunning St Andrews scenery from all sides and with our beautiful collection, we cannot wait to bring you this crowning jewel in our ELEMENTAL season. 

Individual tickets can be purchased for each event, prices vary for each exhibition, or an ELEMENTAL TICKET can be purchased at our first free event, RUNAWAY, which will give you access to all events of the season at a discounted price. There are only 30 of these all- access tickets, so make sure you grab them while you can. See you on the 1st February.