Editor- in- Chief: Jo Boon

Jo: I'm the founder of Label and it's been an incredible roller coaster that has enabled me to work with lots of fab teams, including the one below. Label Press is a platform for people to share their stories, and for us to celebrate the beauty in diversity! We aim to combine glamour with inclusvity, and style alongside a celebration of what makes us unique. We are always on the look out for regular contributors, or one off articles so get in contact if you have ideas. 

Managing Editor: Emily Caulton

Emily: I'm Emily, a graduate of St Andrews with a degree in English. I love writing and reading about other people's experiences, which is why I'm excited about becoming the Managing Editor for Label Press. I'm looking forward to helping people share their unique stories and showing readers that they're not alone with any struggles they have.

Mental & Physical Health Editors: Lily Hannah Spencer

Lily: I'm a fourth year English and Art History student from London, originally, but I grew up in Asia. For Label I am the Editor for the Mental and Physical Health section of Label Press.

Sex & Love Editor: Bryony Armstrong

Bryony: I am a fourth year joint Maths and English student (I know it’s weird) on a mission to make sex and love an open conversation for everyone. I split my home time between Portsmouth and San Francisco, but I have to say that my favourite place is certain cold town on the East Fife coast. I welcome submissions from everyone on all aspects of sex and love, and I’m excited to share chocolate cake and green tea with you and discuss your ideas!

LGBTQ+ Editor: Liam Arne

Liam: I'm a fourth year International Relations student in the Joint Degree Programme between St Andrews and William & Mary. I have a deep passion for queer issues and topics from around the globe. I am so thankful to be a part of Label's mission this year!

Your Stories Editors: Caitlin Krause & Charlotte Riley

Caitlin: I am a third year Psychology student with a passion for body positivity. 

Charlotte: A third year History student who is hooked on youtube makeup tutorials, jewellery making and eating chocolate. Loves dogs to the point of a slight obsession.

Besides editing for Your Stories, we are also Executive Directors for Art and Fashion. Do not hesitate to contact us with article ideas, we want to help you share your beauty and your story with the world!

Fashion Editor: Dariah Williams

Arts Editor: Deanna Rand

I'm Deanna and I'm a third year studying English. I love anything creative, really bad horror films, and everything written by Kurt Vonnegut. I am interested in the way we use the arts to translate and challenge the world, and I hope to bring you some essence of this in the arts section this year. Please feel welcome to contact me with any questions or potential submissions!