'The Real Cost' T- shirt AND tote bag


'The Real Cost' T- shirt AND tote bag


With the advent of large budget fashion retailers such as Primark and H&M clothing has never seemed so affordable. However, the savings have to come from somewhere.  This t-shirt seeks to prod at the murky and often dangerous world of mass produced clothing, tackling issues such as water contamination, unsafe working conditions and the prolific use of dirty fuels like coal.

We at Label Fashion and Take Root believe that fashion shouldn’t take precedent over safety, the environment or quality.  That’s why, before printing, all of these t-shirts were created in a safe factory paying a living wage, which is powered entirely by renewable sources!

Designed and hand printed in the UK what more could you ask for?

So ditch the crappy bargain dungeon garments and slip into something more comfortable, wear us and let your conscience recline in smug relaxation.

Click here to read more about the fantastic facilities at the Earth Positive factories!

Size Guide (UK sizes) - Extra Small : 6- 8 Small : 8 - 12 // Medium: 12 - 16 // Large: 16 - 18 // Extra Large: 18 - 22 // XX Large: 22 - 24

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